8981 Commercial Street, New Minas
 Nova Scotia, B4N 3E3
The Milne Court Ambassador is easy  to spot... s/he's the one that fills your tank, checks your oil, windshield washer fluid level and cleans your windshield when you are at 
Full Serve.
When s/he has a free moment, s/he'll clean your windshield while you're at our Self Serve tank.
in your tires checked or air put in your tires... the Milne Court Ambassador is there to help you.
If fact, s/he's also the one that opens the door for you and carries that bag of kindling, salt, sand or that 18 litre jug of water to your car.​  Go ahead, get used to it...
Our Milne Court Ambassador
is at your service.
And whenever you need your ​oil checked or oil added; or your windshield washer fluid levels checked or windshield washer added; or the air in your tires
open 364 days a year
Sunday to Wednesday    6am-11pm
Thursday to Saturday     6am - Midnight