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open 364 days a year
Sunday to Wednesday    6am-11pm
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In memory of Grace and to honour her uncanny obsession with “Peace”,           we at Milne Court pledge to promote “PEACE” at every opportunity.

Let this be the [beginning of the] End of the Irony.
She loved the Peace sign.

For her 7th birthday she requested a “Peace” cake. Her simple wish: purple icing with a large turquoise peace sign and lively polka dots. “It was beautiful,” her mom said, “it was truly Grace”. 

As her mom dried Graces’ hair before school in the morning, the window in the bathroom would often fog up and become a canvass for Graces’ creativity. 

Her latest creation had her name, a big heart and mom on the same line. It also had a “Peace” sign underneath which had become synonymous with Grace.

One particular Saturday morning, her mom was in the bathroom drying her [own] hair when the window magically resurrected the canvass revealing Graces’ creation from the previous day:  
The End of the Irony
She loved life.

Entwined with life was school; which she loved more than anything. 

Trips to the beach and collecting sea shells eased their way to the top during the summer months of flip flops and sunglasses.

She loved to draw. She would draw and paint; boldly painting colours where no colour had gone before. Hearts, faces, animals, birds, and the "Peace sign.
Her Mom gasped. 

Although it had not changed from the day before it suddenly had a very special meaning. 

You see, the very day she created the masterpiece, Grace happily boarded the bus to her favourite school and was subsequently gunned  down by the madman at Sandy Hook Elementary.
​October, 2016

As an addendum to what I wrote two years earlier, I must say that when I first came across this story of Grace, I had to catch my breath. 

Every aspect of her story jilted my heart and made my eyes well with sadness.
It still does today.

Besides Graces’ obsession with Peace, I was starched by the strength demonstrated by her Parents during their interview with Anderson Cooper of CNN. 

They spoke of the amazing things you read above:
  • The obsession Grace had with PEACE
  • The resurrected message in the fog on the window the day after her death

There is, however, a third part to this story.

Here is a quote from Anderson Cooper’s story:

“In honor of her love of drawing, her mom, dad and brother did something special for her Sunday night. They covered her white casket with their own art work, their own precious memories of Grace. They used markers to draw peace signs, along with x’s and o’s and other pictures. “When we walked out of there, there was so much color. It was so Grace,” said her mom.”

Are you absorbing this? 

Her Mom, Dad and brother walked into the funeral home, saw the white casket and said “you felt like the floor was falling beneath you and your breath was taken away”. 

Earlier, her mom had placed a bunch of different coloured “sharpies” in her purse before leaving for the funeral home.

They came to good use.

With the tools of colour and creativity in her purse and the stark coffin as the canvass, they coloured, wrote messages, drew pictures and as an encore, filled the coffin with some of Grace’s favorite items; a frying pan, her sunglasses, flip flops, seashells and her Dad’s New York Yankees hat, to name a few.

Just how much strength did this take?

As humans we often underestimate our ability to rise during certain situations. 
There’s no second guessing here; they stepped up.

At Milne Court, our coffee cups are stark white. 

They hold as fresh and rich a coffee as you’ll find anywhere: Gram’s – roasted by Just Us! then ground fresh and brewed hot at Milne Court.

When you come in to Milne Court and buy a coffee, we would like you to grab some crayons or markers and “Grace your cup with Karma”. Create messages, draw pictures; blow kisses.
  • Be fun.
  • Be positive.
  • Be creative.
  • Be kind to yourself,                                                                               someone you know, or both.
  • Be real.

“Grace your cup with Karma”                                                                              every chance you get.

Be well, God Speed.