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Raising Dough for Not-For-Profit Organizations 

Have you ever wondered what makes Milne Court Petro-Canada so different than the average gas station?

It's because Milne Court operates on Scott Fraser's core values.  Because he so strongly believes that one should "pay it forward - ALWAYS", Scott has developed two programs to help "Not-For-Profit" organizations raise money.

1)  Gram's "Raising Dough" Cookie Certificates.
     Gram's has created booklets of twenty "Raising Dough" Cookie Certificates. 
     Each certificate is for a dozen of Gram's freshly baked cookies.

     Not-For-Profit organizations purchase the booklets for $50 each (equating to  
     $2.50 per certificate) and in turn sell each certificate for $6.00 (the same 
     price as you pay at Milne Court for a dozen of Gram's delicious cookies)...  
     which provides the Not-For-Profit organization with $3.50 per certificate 
     ($70.00 per booklet) for their fund raising coffers. 

     The purchaser redeems their gift certificate for their favourite, freshly baked 
     cookies  by calling Milne Court to place their order for next day pick-up.

2) Recycling "Does Good" x TWO @ Milne Court
    Recyclables tend to pile up.  So every month a Not-For-Profit organization is 
    given the Milne Court recylable, ready-to-serve beverage containers to take 
    to their local ENVIOR-Depot, collecting the 5-cent per container refund for 
    their group's coffers.

3) Cap It For Cancer $14,396.04
If you would like to enroll your Not-For-Profit organization for either of these programs, please drop by Milne Court and register with our manager.
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