8981 Commercial Street, New Minas
 Nova Scotia, B4N 3E3
Every time I meet with the team, I reiterate that they are the most important part of Milne Court.  It is the people that bring a place alive, give it personality and warmth.  Without my team, Milne Court is merely bricks, mortar, glass and tar.

The great Gordie Howe was quoted as saying, "I always played each game as if there was someone in the stands who had never seen me play;  I wanted to impress them so that they would leave the game thinking what a great player I was".

He executed this worthy goal night after night.

We love having you come in.  Your comments, whether in person or via the surveys, positive or otherwise, is tremendous feedback.  

We truly appreciate knowing if we are on the right track and if there are any minor adjustments we need to make.  

Please remember that Milne Court is here for you.

Scott Fraser                  

"Ya'll come back now..."
open 364 days a year
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Thursday to Saturday    6am - Midnight