What our customers are saying 

(from Petro-Canada's Customer Surveys June 3, 2010 - December 3, 2010.  All of the comments are here... even the one's with pimples) 

... Always a pleasure to do business here.  They are the greatest.

... Great place to buy gas and incidentals.  I love the people.

... Great place to do business.  The people here are so friendly.  They even go 
    as far as opening the door for you to go in and out.  Exceptional!

... Great service and the friendliest people in the valley.

... This service station offers the best and friendliest service in the Annapolis  
    Valley.  Great place of business.

... The pump I used didn't provide a receipt so I had to go inside and ask for one.

... I always find the staff at this Petro-Can very friendly and helpful both in and 
   outside the store... not just the pump attendant but also the person who rings  
   me through, when they are different.  Always nice to stop there.

... Nice to see a door greeter at the door.

... Even though we were at the self-service pump, the young guy working there 
   came over and washed our windshield!

... The younger male attendant offered to carry my 18.9 litre jug of water to my 
    vehicle while I paid for my fuel and water purchases.  I thanked him very much.     Not sure of his name.

... I have been a dedicated customer for a number of years.

... I went into the garage/station/convenience store, the staff on duty, again, 
   wonderful personalities to deal with, cleanliness, well I wish they would come  
   and do my own home!  I would be proud to work their myself.

... One of the attendants offered to clean my windshield.  This does not occur at 
    any other service station.  Well done!

... You have the best employees in the world!  Every stop at the gas station is a 
    pleasure with every single worker being friendly and efficient.  I don't know why 
    anybody would go anywhere else :)

... I visit this location at least once a day and it's the staff that makes the  
   difference to me.  They are all stars, expecially Karen who is efficient friendly 
   and I would consider a great asset to the business.

... I was quite satisfied.  

... Would like more choices within the store regarding groceries and more facility 
    (seats) for internet service.  The prices were very expensive in regard to the 
    super store's but overall the service is excellent.

... The service I received from the employees was excellent every time that I have 
    gone into the station!  Thank you.

... The lady was quick to point out that I had plenty of points to save on fuel.  
    This was a good suggestion.

... Friendly service.  Suggested getting a Petro-Points card.

... Young guy cleaned my window.  Thanks.

... I really like the petro here in New Minas.  I wonder if they will open the drive 
   through.  I think if they did it would bring in more customers for them.  I would  
   like it for sure.  A lot of the time if you have a child not feeling well and you need 
   to make a quick stop it makes it hard.  I hope some day they will re-open it.

... I shop at this location daily in the A.M. and various evenings solely for the fast 
   and competent staff.

... Good service. Great coffee.

... I am typically pleased with the service I receive at the Petro-Can

 ... I provided my Petro-Points card and my fuel savings reward card.  When I        
    read my receipt (in the car), the clerk had not indicated that my fuel savings   
    balance was zero NOR did he give me Petro-Points.  This was the sole reason  
    I went to this Petro Can... to receive the fuel savings and to get Petro-Points.  
    Not impressed!

... I came to the New Minas Petro Canada for air and was so impressed with the  
    service I received for just air that I now make it a point to return for gas and 
    whatever else I need.  The staff are awesome and this is a great Petro-Canada.

... The staff are very friendly and on Wednesday they give you a cookie which 
    is a friendly touch.

... A lot of the time, the full service attendant, when not busy will stand at the store 
    entrance and open the door for customers with a nice greeting and a smile.  A 
    very nice touch.

... Totally satisfied every time I go in.  It is one of the most joyous places in the 
    village to visit.

... The place was busy and the attendants and cashiers still were pleasant, patient 
    and friendly.  This is indeed a rare commodity and you should be very proud of 
    your employees.  

Owner, Scott Fraser responds...

8981 Commercial Street, New Minas
 Nova Scotia, B4N 3E3
open 364 days a year
Sunday to Wednesday   6am - 11pm
Thursday to Saturday    6am - Midnight