8981 Commercial Street, New Minas
 Nova Scotia, B4N 3E3
Ruth Milne’s ability with a stove was legendary well beyond the walls of her kitchen. Perhaps it was due to the vast amount of cooking she did with 9 children, the boarders they took in and her well-known ability to always feed one more person, no matter how many were seated at her table. Luckily for us, she passed her culinary instincts and family recipes on to her children. She is the inspiration for our Gram’s products -- and the pride we take in Gram’s is our way of honouring Ruth (Grammy) Milne, the rock of the Milne family.

 "Gram's Cookies" are the signature product at Gram's Café.  You can enjoy Gram's individually wrapped cookies anytime you want. 

Gram's other products - made on-site everyday - include:
  • SIX different kinds of (individually wrapped) muffins 
  • Coach Scott approved Gram-ola Bars
  • "Bet You Can't Eat Just One" Rice Krispie Squares

Yes, Gram's sandwiches are made right here every morning and if Gram's sandwiches are still in the Deli Cooler at the end of Day Two, rest assured they are quickly relocated to the compost. 

This is a decision that Scott made the instant a salesman told him about his fine product and its 21 day shelf life!  It's true!  Pre-made sandwiches at most convenience stores are considered fresh for 21 days.  Take a  look sometime, do the math and then come on over to Milne Court and pick up one of Gram's sandwiches for lunch!
open 364 days a year
Sunday to Wednesday   6am - 11pm
Thursday to Saturday    6am - Midnight